16 Foods That Can Cause Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in your chest and/or throat area. This can give you much bigger trouble if you don’t take it seriously. Some foods will give you higher heartburn than others. So, if you are careful about the list of them and stay away from them, you will be in a good state.

Knowing which food will give you heartburn will help you to adjust your diet accordingly. Here I am going to show you the complete list of foods proven to cause heartburn.

1. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods can cause heartburn

You must be aware of foods that have a high amount of fat in them. These foods can give you quick heartburn as they are effective in it.

At first, we can point out the finger at fast foods. Most fried, fast foods can give you heartburn. On the other side, healthy foods like nuts can also provide you heartburn if you don’t take it with proper manners.

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