Coronavirus Disease: Everything You Should Know

How to Fight This Deadly Virus

The help of the news and online portals have been immense in spreading rumors about the intensity of this virus. Though the situation is critical, one thing is to give the correct info to the people and other thing is to feed people with information that will not only make them panic but also create problems among them.

Here are some steps that we can follow to stop the spreading:

  1. If you have the symptoms of coronavirus immediately contact those who are dealing with it.
  2. If you have a recent traveling history please let the authority know.
  3. As this has become a global emergency its safe to self quarantine to stop its spread.
  4. Maintaining personal hygiene is the most important step. Wash your hands for 20 seconds,stop using your palm while sneezing or coughing use your elbow instead.
  5. Do not panic and spread rumors. If you’re reading anything about this virus, please make sure you’re reading it from a verified source.

The time needs all of us to be united and fight this pandemic bravely. Following the government imposed protocols can drastically change the scenario of this disease. Stay indoors, stay hydrated and maintain proper hygiene and inform the authorities if anything comes up. Be gentle to people who are suffering from it and believe in God, who will surely get us past this difficult time.