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This is a step by step guide with pictures on how to get login to easily and how to reset FB password if you forgot that.

Facebook is a social networking site. This time, it is the most popular social media site in this world. This website was launched on February 4, 2004.

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg become the world’s youngest billionaire in 2008 when he was just 23 years old. Facebook headquarter are situated Menlo Park, California, United state.

It has connected to new people and this site you can start an e-commerce business. This social site you can share a photo, video, audio, conversation and this time, new add facebook live.

You can become popular one on this site. So you can log in facebook and connect this virtual world. If you don’t have a account, then create a facebook account first.

How to login to Facebook on PC?

First, you check your internet connection, then go to your web browser and search on google or another search engine for facebook. You also go here.
You can see two option for facebook login.

  1. Your email address or phone number
  2. your password

How to Login to Facebook on pc

Fill up those options. When filling up those option, click on login option. Then you will connect with the virtual world.

How to login to Facebook on mobile browser?

Maximum Facebook user’s use this site on mobile. Mobile phone can be use anytime anywhere to use facebook. So easy to connect with the world.

Open your mobile web browser and search for facebook. Then go to official facebook website. You can see two blank option, then fill up options with your email address and password.

How to login to Facebook on mobile

After filling up those options, click on login option. Then you see your facebook profile.

How to login to facebook App?

Facebook app is the most downloaded app in the world. First, search for this app in your smartphone from mobile store. Then install this app.

When installing complete, see a facebook login page. Fill up this page two options with email address and password. Then click login option and you go to virtual life.

How to login to Facebook Messenger App?

Facebook messenger is one of the best chatting apps in the world. By this app, you can conversation from one country to another country. You can talk via audio and video conversation.

You can go your smartphone device store to search facebook messenger. Then download and install this app.

When installing complete, enter your email address and password to fill up blank options. Then click on login option and starts your conversation audio and video.

How to Reset your Facebook password?

First, you go to facebook official login website. Then you can see the email address and password option and below password option, forgotten account?.

How to Reset your Facebook password

Click on forgotten account? option. Then you see a new page and see one blank option. On this blank option, fill up with your email address or phone number, then click search option.

Next you see new page and identify in your facebook account and click this is my account. Then you can see new page reset your password and click use my google account.

Lastly, click on continue.

Facebook Login

Then check your mail. You can see facebook reset password mail and click on reset URL to renew facebook password.

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