How to Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails

Nowadays, every people need to have a Yahoo account for enjoying its online services. It gives the opportunity to contact anyone via free email service. So, we should know every basic aspect of Yahoo mail. Also should know how we could recover any mail if it is gone delete anyhow. We are going to discuss in this post, how we can recover the deleted Yahoo mails.

Yahoo is an American based multi-services organization, headquartered in Sunnyvale of California. Online mail services one of the great service among those services, they are providing to the worldwide.

Recover Deleted Mails Through Computer

PC or Laptop is the electronic device with whom we are most familiar and it is also available at this time.  Let’s start the processes of recovering deleted emails on our computer device.

Step-1: Start up your PC/Laptop and also check the Internet connection also. If it is not connected till now, then connect it with your device.

Step-2: Open the internet browser and go to Yahoo login page. Now login to Yahoo mail.

Step-3: Provide all your login information for getting an entrance to your Yahoo account.

Step-4: When you have logged in to your account, select the Mail option which is given at the right side from the top of the menu bar, click on it.

Mail option


Step-5: After a while of clicking on Mail, you will get the Inbox Mail list. You have to click on Trash folder which is given at the left side menu bar of inbox page.

Going To Trash Folder For Searching The Lost Mail

Note: You will get those mail which all you have deleted within last 40 days.

Step-6: When you enter the Trash folder, you will get the deleted mail list. Find the specific mail you want to recover and mark it.

Marking Those Mails I Want To Recover

Step-7: After marking the mail, click on Move option. You will get it at over of deleted mail list. Then, you will get some folder list where you can move those mail, select the inbox. Then your mail would get recover.

Contact with Yahoo

If your deleted emails could not be founded in the Trash folder, then you have to communicate for help with Yahoo Customer Care Department for your lost emails. So here is the process given below.

Step-1: Go to the browser and search for Yahoo help center or you can click here.

Yahoo Help Central, where people contacts if they lost their mails

Step-2: After getting the page of Yahoo Official Help Central, you will have to Search for the Restore Deleted Emails.

Yahoo Restore Mail Help Form

Step-3: Scroll down the page, Select the Recover lost or deleted emails option and click on it.

Sendi Restore Request for recovering those Mail I have lost

Step-4: On the next page, look at all the option very carefully and click on Restore Request.

Describing details about the lost mail

Step-5: Then, describe the problem how good you can express and click on Create Request.

After completing the Request

In a short time, you will get a mail from Yahoo Mail Restore Team and they will take maximum 8 hours to find the lost mail, If it was deleted within last 7 days.

End Lines

Recovering emails might seem difficult. But, if you try your best, it not that hard. If you don’t want to lose your emails, then make a backup. In case you lost your email, you can always relay to backup.  There are many data backup survices available online. Chose one of them. If you have any question about Recovering email, comment it below.

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